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Acid Pauli - Fuck The EU

fuck it

Eli Escobar (ft Anna Lunoe) - Red Hot


ok time to meet up ticklemyherring and head out into the night.

King of Arabs - We Are Bored in the City (Matrixxman Remix)

idd, but we keep trying.

DeeKay Jones - New York, New York

soft belter from 1981.

White Knight - Acid Dub

raw and razor sharp, the way acid should be. from the kill yourself dancing compilation, the story of chicago’s sunset records inc 1985-89. released by the brilliant house archivists at still music, who also drops bang the box! the lost story of aka dance music, chicago 1987-88 this fall.

Goldhammer - Face To Future (Jackal Remix)


deep + calm acid

MaddJazz - Jack Me (Molly Bass Remix)

acid juke. (soundcloud)

Sophie - Nothing More to Say (Vocal Mix)

come and dance with us friday night :))) (dl)

Steve “Silk” Hurley - Jack Your Body (Jez Pereira & Elijah Collins 2012 mix)

Careful update of a classic. (Soundcloud)

Kim Ann Foxman - Return It (Populette Mix)

In your new playlist after Sleepless (Erkka remix). (Soundcloud)

Jerome LOL - Dusk

Double from J LOL. Especially Dusk is lovely. (dl)

(Source: fleshofmyflesh)

Mark Wundercastle - Waiting For Rave

Fun futuristic rave nostalgia from Auckland producer Mark Wundercastle. Built around J-Lo’s Waiting For Tonight. (dl)