Felix Cartal (ft Ofelia) - New Scene (CRNKN Remix)

like the absence of porky dubstep crescendos.

Ellie Goulding - Burn (Leo Kalyan remix)

calm autumn commuting headphone music.

Jerome LOL - Dusk

Double from J LOL. Especially Dusk is lovely. (dl)

Critical Rythm - It Could Not Happen

Another deep Nu Groove stunner. Both How Many Times and It Could Not Happen is featured on Nu Groove comp Nu Groove - Here Comes That Sound Again. (dl)

SELA - Melidezuichun

Found SELA through a post on Coyote Clean Up’s fb wall. Classic downtempo, not the sub-bass post-dubstep or the experimental glitchy kind. Mellow soundcscapes framed by modest yet eloquent beats and fluffy clouds of jazz. His latest release is a spoken word album, not beatnik poetry or rap, rather just recited reflections. I like the vibe. 

Melidezuichun comes from SmackDaHoe, released in december. it’s on SELAs Bandcamp

Labyrinth Ear - Humble Bones (Giraffage Remix)

The right balance between beautiful and experimental. No glitch. (dl)

Paper Running

Pretty fresh.

Brenmar - Paper Running (mp3)

Skull Island


Bathcrones - Skull Island (mp3)


A perfect intro to something, not sure what… the weekend?

Lapti & Nocow - Sirenas (part.1) (mp3)