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Könsförrädare - Finger On The Trigger

Most Valuable Players - We Came Out of Our Hiding


mvp returns with arguably their best song yet. enjoy the sound of a band who found what they were looking for.

Kali Uchis - What They Say

Yola Fatoush - Premesis


lovely marine girlish tune, wish the sound was a bit less messy though. or..?

The Embassy - Livin’ Is Easy

Chocolate Barry - Franckfurt-Firenze

notoriously slept on quality from 2001 and the album cucumber trees and ice cold lemonade.

Easter  - Champagne

Museum of Bellas Artes - Days Ahead (short version)


thx alice :)) (soundcloud)

Sunless ‘97 - Aurora I

Sunless ‘97 - Aurora

perky pop dance for when the night is still young. (soundcloud)

Dead Gaze - I Found the Ending


rock with guitar riffs and stuff :)) (soundcloud)

Holy Shit - You Made My Dreams Come True

Sweet T says this is his favourite pop song of the year. I can’t help thinking abt Dire Straits, but it’s ok i guess. (Soundcloud)

Karl X Johan - Do You Remember

I really like Tuvessons moderate vocals on this one. (Soundcloud)

Between You And Me - Lizzarddyy

Aquatic whatever… wet wet pop. (Soundcloud)