Rhythmic swaying hips
Our approach is somewhat blasé 
Well, here comes another boy 
Jil Sander pants 
Suede shoes 
Dancing Jazz 
He is slim and slender in the waist 
smiles on the sly 
He has been working his tiny waist 
the forehead bangs 
He and other small boys 
I read old novels that is so so boring 
Ugh contemporary habits 
people having a party 
Well, here comes another boy 
Jil Sander pants 
Suede shoes 
Dancing Jazz 
He is slim and slender in the waist 
smiles on the sly

Retreat Festival

Yoga Center for Revenue.

1. Hatha Yoga Flow
2. M25FM - Photek & Pinch
3. Jade Mountain - VVV
4. Mogadishu - Shakarchi & Straneus
5. Bengela - Brey
6. Acid Jackson - Boddika
7. Drum Track - Helix
8. Eva Mendes - Mosca
9. Ready - Jacques Greene
10. Don’t change for me - Ramadanman
11. Masks - Martyn
12. Ecstasy (Jam City refix) - Endgames
13. Lush Life - Sun Angels

Promo Mix for Revenue Friday 30th in Stockholm. 

Lazy Arrow - Mayotte

My favourite trend in the brief history of tumblr is the motley and growing crew of blogs trying to reflect the state of things and display what now looks like; spinning corporate and political clichés and tacky computer graphics generating a dystopic yet playful sense of permanent crisis, social entropy and the end of the future. A witty and original tumblr post as the new indie hit? In a fashion, sure.

The soundtrack came crawling from the creative collapse of chillwave/witch house. Equally anti-authoritative, fuelled by a disillusioned contemporary variety of classic underdog energy and attitude. A few different branches can be outlined. A conceptual artistic take curated by artists/producers like Look, Press Label and Fatima Al Qadiri. A trashier, psuedo hedonistic club version configured by DJs/producers like M.E.S.H., Craxxxmurf and Pictureplane and various names linked to the seapunk micro genre. The soft and glossy house hybrids of 100 % Silk and the cloud rap emerging from the Green Ova camp in SF are also operating nearby. And the spirits of Hype Williams and Ariel Pink lurking in the wings.

I have been looking for a similar twist in pop/lo-fi. The other day i discovered Sunup Recordings, which became my favourite label of the moment. And their tumblr my favourite tumblr. I particulary enjoy the interplay between music, titles, presentations and the Windows Paint artwork. The massive amount of releases on their Bandcamp is somewhat overwhelming, creates a kind of dizziness which seems like a suitable mood for drifting into the Sunup. Lazy Arrows album Positive Island might be a good starting point.